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 We understand the concerns about protecting the earth's environment.

Quality Painting Systems is proud use Sherwin-Williams products.  Sherwin-Williams commitment reaches beyond supplying environmentally friendly paints. It extends throughout there laboratories, manufacturing facilities and distribution systems.
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Sherwin-Williams continually develops new products and procedures within their organization to reduce the impact we have on nature.

Check this information, from the "Quality Painting Institute" on "Why use Low VOC Paints"

They have pioneered the use of environmentally-preferable solutions in our business practices and they are putting there green ideas to work.

  • They use sustainable raw materials, like soy and sunflower oil in our paints.
  • They have reduced the amount of solvent in there formulations, so the vapors being emitted into the atmosphere are more environmentally friendly.
  • New techniques in their manufacturing processes have helped produce less waste and they have implemented energy efficient methods in their plants.
  • They have streamlined national distribution processes, helping to conserve fuel, energy and other natural resources.
  • They have formulated many of their coatings to clean easily and to resist mildew and harmful bacteria improving the indoor and outdoor environments.

To help you easily identify their green coatings they have introduced the GreenSure™ designation for there environmentally friendly products. Their Greensure products offer maximum performance, long-term durability and the highest indoor air quality ratings.

Duration Home® and Harmony® carry the GreenSure logo designation and both have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal - proof that you can enjoy a beautiful room while still respecting nature's beauty.

*Their products that carry the GreenSure designation offer maximum performance, long-term durability and were designed and manufactured taking steps to reduce environmental impact and to meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements.  For more information visit 

Meet Sherwin-Williams environmentally friendly products:

Duration Home® Interior Latex 

This environmentally preferred product is specially formulated to be low in odor, resist mildew and have lower levels of smog-producing pollutants (volatile organic compounds or VOC's). Most stains wipe clean with mild soap and water so no harsh cleaning chemicals are needed for clean-up. The durable formula reduces frequent repaints - providing the ultimate in beauty and washability.

Harmony® Interior Latex 

Harmony is a natural choice for environmentally preferred interior paint. It is low-odor allowing you to immediately move into your newly painted spaces. It contains less solvents and zero-VOC's (volatile organic compounds) so what is emitted into the air is more environmentally friendly.

ProGreen 200 Low VOC Paint Latex

Deliver an attractive, uniform finish while meeting environmental regulations and demanding budgets with ProGreen 200. This low-VOC, low-odor paint is ideal for painting occupied areas, and its durability and competitive pricing are perfect for new commercial building or residential applications. And, with a selection of different finishes, ProGreen 200 is sure to have a look that helps satisfy all your project requirements.


E-Barrier Reflective Coating was developed to keep the temperature of your home more comfortable throughout the year. When applied to the underside of your attic roof decking, it creates a reflective barrier that helps keep the heat from the sun out of your home in the summer and locks in warm air from your furnace during the winter months. This innovative energy efficient product can lower your heating and cooling costs by as much as 15% (as certified by an independent testing laboratory).

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