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Find your true colors! Let us show you how. 

Choosing new colors for your home's exterior or interior doesn't have to be overwhelming. We'll be happy to help you choose colors you love that will be perfect for your home.

The color selection process is an important one and we try very hard to make the process easy and as simple as possible. We offer several levels of color help, starting with some simple Color trend information that we can supply during the estimating process and all the way up to having a professional color consultant come to your home.

Our color experts can meet with you to discuss your ideas on color, or to offer suggestions and recommendations if you aren't sure about what colors you might like best. We'll take into account the style of your home, colors of neighboring homes, and what sort of look you want.  Depending on your project size, this service could be at no charge to you.

Whenever you are selecting interior or exterior colors, it's important to remember a few key points:

  • Paint actual sample colors on your house or walls so you can evaluate the real thing (take care not to put on to thick)
  • Paint colors will look lighter when first applied, so allow your sample to dry completely before deciding
  • Be sure to look at the colors at different times of day. Colors will look very different in sun vs. shade, day vs. evening, and in natural light vs. indoor lighting. 

Check out Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer, What a cool Tool! 

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