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         Offices located in Ypsilanti and Brownstown, Michigan

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  Here are just a few of the things we do to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work:

Quality Control
    * Copy of your work specification on site at all times
    * Protection of property
    * Systematic approach to project breakdown
    * Breakdown into smaller blocks
    * Organized team with a leader
    * Complete, inspect, & sign-off blocks of work
    * Ongoing and final inspections

    * Job Site Supervisor on site at all times
    * Immediate point of contact

    * Provides supervision and management throughout
    * Ongoing inspections
    * At specific stages, especially at completion of preparation
    * Final inspection When block of work completed
    * "Punch-list" prepared and promptly completed

The Color of Reliability
We want you breath easy and rely on us to:
    * Use proven production methods that provide an organized, reliable service.
    * Answer to your unique needs
    * Work efficiently to meet your deadlines
    * We keep the project under control
    * Do quality work, safely

Communication is Our Priority
When you need problems solved, you need a person and you need answers now!
    * All estimators and management personnel have Internet access and email to stay connected.
    * We call back after the paint is dry!

Quality Painting Systems
Ypsilanti Office
2080 Whittaker Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Email: info@qualitypaintingsystems.com           Office: 734-337-3403
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